Dev Note: What’s Changed

Hello Chasers, this is the KurtzPel Team.
First off, we would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response and support we’ve received regarding KurtzPel. We have been truly inspired by the reactions, videos, streams and feedback! And it only drives us to do bigger and better with everything we put into our game.
That being said, in this letter, we are going to talk about the purpose of the upcoming KurtzPel Closed Beta! We’re also going to be discussing just what it is we’re going to do with the feedback that we have received during the two Alpha Test phases that were hosted in North America and Europe.
One of the main focus points of the KurtzPel Closed Beta is to have you Chasers experience how your characters will naturally progress through the reward and growth systems carried out by completing the in-game missions. Effectively, we want you all to see and feel how a beginning level character will progress to end-game.

In contrast, the main purpose of the Alpha Tests was to have you Chasers experience the unchecked core content of the game, full-tilt (well, as best as an Alpha game version can offer). We wanted you to experience each and every available Karma (weapon), every Skill, and tried to provide that ultra-dynamic, big-hitting, 2v2 impact that only KurtzPel can offer.
However, during the KurtzPel Beta Test, you will need to experience what it takes to get there. You’ll need to interface with all of the NPCs to gain Affinity Points, clear missions to unlock Skills and acquire AP to level up your Skills.
In developing KurtzPel, we’d built a foundation of Skill-Growth being more significant than Stat progression. In doing so, players aren’t required to invest an exorbitant amount of time grinding out their character metrics to achieve some perfect, “meta” build.

As you may have already experienced during our Alpha tests, all characters will have the same end-game goal.

(Characters with max growth will end up with the same stats, and at that point, your match will be determined purely by skill.)
From the KurtzPel Alpha test feedback rounds we’d received, we’d heard some players’ state that PvP was difficult to enjoy as players were being matched up with and/or against other players regardless of apparent skill levels or win rates. Also, we’d read that the game was too easy for some, while too hard for others. As such, we have created a new Ranking System and we revamped the existing match-making system so that players will be better matched according to potential competitor proficiency. This tiered approach will also be applied to PvE environments. This is so you’ll be able to enjoy all aspects of KurtzPel content at a difficulty level that is right for you.

The PvE encounters will be available in 5 difficulty levels, Easy < Normal < Hard < Veryhard < Grandchase. Whenever you play, your rank and predetermined difficulty level for PvP, PvE will be adjusted based on your previous results.
Another new feature that will be introduced with the KurtzPel Beta is the NPC Affinity and Equipment Upgrade systems.

NPC affinity is a significant system in which you will be able to obtain Karma Crystals (Skills), Costumes, Weapons, and accessories. Not only will you receive actual rewards, but you will also be able to learn more about and immerse yourself in the lore and important KurtzPel character story arcs via conversations with those respective NPCs.
The Equipment Upgrade System has been updated so that equipment will be customizable. This includes stats and gear-specific, usable skills. There will not be one set of end-all, be-all, end-game gear. Instead, you can choose the equipment you’d prefer, based on looks. There may be a difference in the kind of upgrades you choose, but in terms of the actual weapon quality, weapons will be equal.
The topic in which we’ve received the most feedback and questions about were the available Karma. During the Closed Beta, there will be 4 available Karmas: Two-Hand Sword, Longbow, Staff, and Gauntlet; identical to what Karmas were available during the Alpha tests. There will be no additional Karmas added to the game (at this time), as we believe that we still need to tweak and perfect the existing Karmas rather than branching out with new ones.

While we’re on the topic, many of you voiced interest in the Dual Soul Karma (Dual Sword). For those unaware, the Dual Soul was displayed in the early stage of our content demos. The Dual Soul Karma will not be available for the Beta test. Once we have created the Epic Quest line for the weapon, and then fine-tune and illustrate the unique placement that the Dual Soul Karma will represent in the Karma lineup, we may include the Karma for other early access content.
Now, on to the big topic… balance.

From the feedback we received, we have focused on balancing very specific Passive Skills; making sure that Breakers and Slayers keep their unique traits while maintaining balance between the traits.
Each Karma also went through some balance refinement. Sword Talaimh’s Infinite Blade range has been nerfed based on in-depth feedback that drove many players to favor the Sword Karma over others. This adjustment will encourage Sword users to rely readily on the “Leap” Skill. For Blazing Fist, grab attacks will transition into a striking attack, to lessen the penalties associated with missing the initial skill catch. Diabolic Witch, which was widely considered to be the most OP Karma/Class during the Alpha test, has also been nerfed. We’ve decreased the damage for Fire Ball, and we’ve decreased Mana Recovery and the Cooldown Decrease activated from the Awakening of Demon Skill.

The Dance of Wind Karma has also been adjusted. Not only do the arrows shoot faster during the Salvo Arrows skill, but overall, the firing speed, base damage, and charge damage have been buffed to match its damage with the other Slayer Class, the Diabolic Witch.

Furthermore, Passive Skills will be activated during the Beta Test. Endurance will decrease at the same rate for all Classes during the Rising Attack and overall stats for Skills have been adjusted.
Other than what we have mentioned so far, we have also worked to hear you Chasers out and apply changes associated with other types of feedback that we’ve received during the Alpha Test for this the upcoming Closed Beta.
Lastly, and in some cases, most importantly: The Global, KurtzPel Closed Beta Test will be used to stress-test whether or not the servers will perform smoothly when we have a multitude of players from all around the world, all playing on the servers at the same time.
Again, we’d like to thank every one of you for all of your support and dedication. Not only were we taken aback by the hype that KurtzPel fans have brought, but we’ve loved pouring over the massive amount of constructive feedback we’d received during the Alpha Test players. We can’t do it without you, and we hope we see you all in the Global KurtzPel Beta Test.

Stay Tuned! There’s much more to come.

See you in Eltheca!