KurtzPel Global CBT Announcement

Attention, Chasers!
We are happy to relay good news to all you chasers who have been waiting for us.
So far, we have had 2 KurtzPel Alpha Tests, one in NA and one in Europe.
Thanks to your support, we have received many requests to have the Alpha test offered in different regions.
It has been awhile since our Alpha Test. We know you have questions;
Are the feedbacks from the Alpha test being applied to the game?
How much further has KurtzPel been developed since the Alpha Test? What has changed?
As such, we have prepared a Global Closed Beta Test without a region block,
so the chasers around the world can experience the new and improved KurtzPel.
Although the exact date is yet to be confirmed, we promise that the Closed Beta Service will be in the near future.
Today, we are here to deliver our thanks to all the feedback you have given us, and to inform you of the Spec for KurtzPel Closed Beta.
[Spec Sheet for Closed Beta Test]
[Dev Letter : About CBT]
Please check the following links for more details.
The information on KurtzPel Closed Beta Test will be announced via our website and Steam Store page, so please Follow us or add us to the Wish List!
[Go to KurtzPel Steam Page]
Also, we will begin accepting application to KurtzPel Global Closed Beta Test through our website. We hope to see you in Eltheca!
[Apply for KurtzPel Closed Beta Now]