Beta Key usage instruction and detailed CBT schedule

Attention, Chasers!
We have started to send out the beta keys to players who have registered for the KurtzPel Global CBT!
For all other Chasers who registered after this announcement, all keys will be sent out each day around UTC+9 12:00, so please keep this in mind.
(Example: Registered on Feb 14th 06:00 > Key sent out at Feb 15th UTC+9 12:00)
For all the Chasers who already registered, make sure to check your inbox and your spam folder in case you have missed our e-mail.
Please register the key by using one of the below methods.

  1. Web

Register at

  1. Steam Launcher

At the bottom left corner, press the + Add Game à Activate a Product on Steam
After that, KurtzPel will be added to your Library and you can download the KurtzPel client.
Even though you can download the KurtzPel client, you cannot login.

You will be able to login when the Global CBT starts.

(The size of the KurtzPel client is quite big, we suggest you pre-download in order to be ready.)


Please see below for the CBT Schedule for your region.


[North America Region]
Feb 20th 16:00 ~ Feb 25th 15:59 (Pacific / Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 18:00 ~ Feb 25th 17:59 (Central / Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 19:00 ~ Feb 25th 18:59 (Eastern / New York, Toronto, and Etc.)

[South America Region]
Feb 20th 21:00 ~ Feb 25th 20:59 (Chile, Argentina, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 22:00 ~ Feb 25th 21:59 (Brazil [São Paulo])

[Europe Region]
Feb 21st 00:00 ~ Feb 25th 23:59 (United Kingdom / Portugal)
Feb 21st 01:00 ~ Feb 26th 00:59 (Germany / Italy / Spain)
Feb 21st 03:00 ~ Feb 26th 02:59 (Russia [Moscow] / Turkey)

[ASIA/OC region]

Feb 21st 07:00 ~ Feb 26th 06:59 (Thailand / Vietnam / Indonesia / Malaysia)
Feb 21st 08:00 ~ Feb 26th 07:59 (China / Singapore / Philippines)
Feb 21st 09:00 ~ Feb 26th 08:59 (South Korea / Japan)
Feb 21st 11:00 ~ Feb 26th 10:59 (Australia)

Also, please check below again for CBT Patch Note.

We hope to see you in Eltheca!


[Check Global CBT Patch Note]