Dev Note : CBT Schedule and CBT Key Distribution Announcement

Hello Chasers, this is the KurtzPel Team.
We have an exciting announcement to make!
First, we would like to thank everyone for your continued interest and support for the KurtzPel Global CBT.
I’m sure everyone is wondering about when the CBT will actually begin and when the keys will be distributed.
So we are here to answer these questions.
The following are schedules for the CBT and keys distribution:
KurtzPel Global CBT Key Distribution Date: Feb 13th 2019
KurtzPel Global CBT Schedule: February 20th, 2019 PST ~ February 24th, 2019 PST (5 Days)
The received keys can be registered on your Steam library immediately even before February 20th.
So you can play KurtzPel the moment it goes live!
Along with this exciting announcement, we unfortunately have one bad news.
Initially, we announced that we will be distributing 2 keys per registered e-mail so you can play with your friends.
However, due to the overwhelming amount of registration for the CBT, we will not be able to send the promised 2 CBT keys.
Instead, we will be sending 1 key per registered player.
Please alert your friends to register, especially if they were expecting to receive your spare key.
Make sure they register through our site in order to ensure that they receive their own CBT keys.
We would like to thank everyone again for your support towards KurtzPel and we hope to meet you soon in Eltheca!
Thank you.