KurtzPel Global CBT Begins!

Hello Chasers!
KurtzPel’s Global CBT has begun!
Are you ready to face the Bellatos Army by becoming a member of the Chase?

For anyone that still does not have a key, please click on the following link to register for a key!

Your beta keys will be sent every 30 minutes via e-mail.

Please make sure to check your spam folders!
[Register for a Beta Key] 
Also, did you know that we are giving everyone who participates in the CBT special prizes? We are also offering more prizes when you reach a certain rank.

Check more from the below link!
[CBT Prizes and Event] 
In order to provide more hours to enjoy KurtzPel, we are increased our time for the CBT.

Please check below for the new schedule!
Fight against other Chasers and find out who’s better!

We hope to see you in Eltheca!
< KurtzPel Global CBT Test Schedule>
[North America Region]

Feb 20th 16:00 ~ Feb 25th 15:59 (Pacific / Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 18:00 ~ Feb 25th 17:59 (Central / Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 19:00 ~ Feb 25th 18:59 (Eastern / New York, Toronto, and Etc.)

[South America Region]

Feb 20th 21:00 ~ Feb 25th 20:59 (Chile, Argentina, and Etc.)
Feb 20th 22:00 ~ Feb 25th 21:59 (Brazil [São Paulo])

[Europe Region]

Feb 21st 00:00 ~ Feb 25th 23:59 (United Kingdom / Portugal)
Feb 21st 01:00 ~ Feb 26th 00:59 (Germany / Italy / Spain)
Feb 21st 03:00 ~ Feb 26th 02:59 (Russia [Moscow] / Turkey)

[ASIA/OC region]

Feb 21st 07:00 ~ Feb 26th 06:59 (Thailand / Vietnam / Indonesia / Malaysia)
Feb 21st 08:00 ~ Feb 26th 07:59 (China / Singapore / Philippines)
Feb 21st 09:00 ~ Feb 26th 08:59 (South Korea / Japan)
Feb 21st 11:00 ~ Feb 26th 10:59 (Australia)