KurtzPel Global CBT Participation Prize & Events

Hello Chasers!


KurtzPel’s Global CBT will begin in 1 day!

We have decided to give everyone who participates in the KurtzPel Global CBT some special prizes!


< CBT Participation Prize >

  1. Vanguard Sprout

Target: All Chasers who participate in the CBT

  1. Vanguard Ceremonial Blade

Target: All Chasers who reach the PVP Rank of B or higher during CBT

Please Note!!

  1. ‘Vanguard Sprout’ and ‘Vanguard Ceremonial Blade’ will not be given out during CBT.
  2. When the Early Access is available, you must login within the first 90 days of the Early Access begins in with the same account used during the CBT in order to claim the prize!
  3. You can only earn the above special items during CBT.


There is another announcement we need to make.

During the CBT that’s starting tomorrow, you can only create 1 character per account.

However, you’ll be able to rebirth as many times as possible in order to get your perfect look!


Also here are the CBT events for your special outfit!


< CBT Event >

  1. Daily Costume Giveaway Event

Target: All Chasers who login on the following days



  1. Daily Dye Giveaway Event

Target: All Chasers who stayed logged in for 30 min

Reward: High Grade Dye X 10


Please Remember!

  1. Items will start to be distributed at UTC +0 00:00

Please check the UTC time for your country of residence!


Are you ready to customize your outfit with your special colors?

For those of you who didn’t get a beta key to join the CBT, click the below link to register now!


[Register for a Beta Key]


One more thing!!

In order to provide more hours to enjoy KurtzPel, we are increased our time for the CBT.

Please check below for the new schedule!


We will see you tomorrow in Eltheca!



< KurtzPel Global CBT Test Schedule>


[North America Region]

Feb 20th 16:00 ~ Feb 25th 15:59 (Pacific / Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Etc.)

Feb 20th 18:00 ~ Feb 25th 17:59 (Central / Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba, and Etc.)

Feb 20th 19:00 ~ Feb 25th 18:59 (Eastern / New York, Toronto, and Etc.)


[South America Region]

Feb 20th 21:00 ~ Feb 25th 20:59 (Chile, Argentina, and Etc.)

Feb 20th 22:00 ~ Feb 25th 21:59 (Brazil [São Paulo])


[Europe Region]

Feb 21st 00:00 ~ Feb 25th 23:59 (United Kingdom / Portugal)

Feb 21st 01:00 ~ Feb 26th 00:59 (Germany / Italy / Spain)

Feb 21st 03:00 ~ Feb 26th 02:59 (Russia [Moscow] / Turkey)


[ASIA/OC region]

Feb 21st 07:00 ~ Feb 26th 06:59 (Thailand / Vietnam / Indonesia / Malaysia)

Feb 21st 08:00 ~ Feb 26th 07:59 (China / Singapore / Philippines)

Feb 21st 09:00 ~ Feb 26th 08:59 (South Korea / Japan)

Feb 21st 11:00 ~ Feb 26th 10:59 (Australia)