KurtzPel Early Access Announcement

Hello Chasers!

The portal to Eltheca has opened, which means KurtzPel Early Access has begun.

‘This world is built upon lies… Everyone must learn the truth.’
We need Chasers like you to stand against the Holy Bellatos Empire.

For those of you that participated in the last Global CBT, we have a special gift for you!
You can receive your ‘Vanguard’ item during the period stated below:

  • AMERICA server (NA/LA) : 2019. April.30 ~ June.30
  • Europe server (EU/MENA) : 2019. June.5 ~ August.5
  • ASIA server (ASIA/OCE) : 2019. July.3 ~ September.3

[CBT Prizes and Event]

Now, come join us in Eltheca and test your mettle against other Chasers!
I hope to see you there.