Dev Note: Addressing Current Issues and a Letter from the Dev Team

Hello Chasers, this is the KurtzPel Team.
It’s been 3 days since we’ve launched our game.

Since the launch of both Alpha tests, Beta, and now in Early Access, we wanted to let you all know that we’ve been listening to your feedback and criticism, and we hear you loud and clear.

And, after some in-depth internal discussion and careful consideration, we’ve decided to change certain aspects of the game to make the overall KurtzPel gaming experience better for everyone.
Before anything else, we would like to sincerely apologize for the trouble and controversy caused regarding certain game design decisions that were implemented early on.

First, we will turn the Blazing Fist and Diabolic Witch Karmas into completely F2P, core content. Completely free content, and we’ll be removing the DLC packages from the shop.
KurtzPel was initially developed to be a Buy to Play game.

But, after we launched the initial Alpha Test, and then Global CBT, we decided to provide a gaming environment that was more ideal and accessible for everyone to enjoy. We believed that the best method of doing so would be to have KurtzPel as a Free to Play game. As F2P games go, content has to be released in waves. With Karma being the core/character content, we’d thought (mistakenly) that Sword Taliah and Dance of Wind would be the best weapon choices to make available for all Chasers; with the other 2 Karmas being unlockable.

However, the realization that this would be perceived (understandably) as pay-to-win didn’t dawn on us until it was way too late. We were still stuck in the Buy-To-Play design mode, and this was something we should have seen.

The main reason for our oversight is because, on paper, ‘Blazing Fist’ and ‘Diabolic Witch’ are not stronger than Sword Taliah and Dance of Wind. We believed that all Karma should operate accordingly to their roles of ‘Breaker’ and ‘Slayer’, and thought that we’d taken the game-balance of Karmas seriously enough to warrant the grind. We did not realize that for Chasers who could not play with these Karmas, that the lack of selection itself was a hard pill to swallow. It felt like it was P2W, expensive, too grindy… etc. Again, understandably so.
This goes against our core belief that KurtzPel should not be Pay-to-Win, and it was apparent that we’ve failed to demonstrate this belief. Furthermore, in order for everyone to actually enjoy our current content as intended, we’ve concluded that the best way to demonstrate this intended design, our belief and goal is to make all content that was available our previous test launches available to our players (not including the maxed out characters from Alpha, that’s silly).
As such, we will remove the Blazing Fist and Diabolic Witch Karmas/DLC from our Steam Storefront, and provide all 4 Karmas as free, core game content.
It will take some time to apply these changes, as this requires a large game update. As well, we’ll be consulting with Steam, but we will do our best to have these changes applied for our next major update.
For those of you who were just excited to get right into the game and have already purchased the Karma(s), we are preparing some pretty solid compensation.

  • For those who’ve purchased 1 Karma DLC, we will be providing a new, never before seen costume set of respectable value, for free
  • For those who’ve purchased 2 Karma DLCs, we will be giving the aforementioned costume set, and 4 costume weapons, for free
  • This offer is for all Chasers who’ve purchased Karma. This doesn’t only apply to the Karma and Founder’s Pack DLCs purchased on Steam, but this compensation also applies to those who purchased the items via AP/CP
  • The only limitation to the compensation being offered: We will provide comp to all Chasers who’ve purchased the Karmas from the start of Early Access, up until the point that the content becomes free, and we remove the DLC packages from our Storefront

We have started development of the new costume-and-weapon set as this announcement is posted. Our goal is to have the sets ready by early June, in time for European launch. Further details will be shared during next week’s livestream.
Second, we will be creating a feature that allows players to redistribute Stats via in-game currency: CP
(Currently, this feature is only available via Rebirth Ticket).

When players use a Rebirth Ticket, they do not gain extra stats. However, they are able to redistribute the existing Stats as they see fit.

In order to increase any Stat by 1, another has to be decreased by 1. Hence, there’s an inherent disadvantage that comes with gaining an advantage. We did not initially think that this would provide an unfair advantage. However, it was still a feature that allowed a certain level of customization, only for those who paid.

However, taking into consideration that each Karma is optimized to utilize specific Stats, and each Karma plays to different skill types, we fully understand the desire to attempt many different types of Karma combinations. That said, you Chasers get to maximize that outcome with Stat redistribution. To achieve that goal, and make it so that everyone gets the opportunity to do so, we felt that it’s only fair to provide this opportunity without the need for Rebirth Tickets.

While this was a decision not to be taken lightly, it was a sudden one, and something that’s going to take some time to develop. We will begin developing the new Stat Redistribution feature immediately, we hope to complete development in time for the Europe launch.

Third, we will be developing a system that allows the Chasers to purchase Advanced Supply Boxes and Basic Supply Boxes with AP and CP.
This is currently in development.

Having the reward boxes available as Free-to-Play content was always part of our content release plan. However, for the sake of transparency, we wanted to share this information with everybody as soon as possible.

Actually, the reason why the reward boxes are called ‘Supply Boxes’ is because it will be available to purchase with AP and CP. As indicated by name, ‘Basic Supply Boxes’ will require less AP and CP to open than ‘Advanced Supply Boxes’.
Fourth, Here are the answers to some of the questions Chasers had during our 5/03 Live Stream.

  • The European server is slated to launch on June 5th 2019
  • The Asian server is slated to launch on July 3rd 2019

Any updates to the dates and/or content listed above, will be shared at a later date, via announcements. Those of you who are in Europe and Asia, please wait just a little while more.

As well, we just wanted to make you all aware that we are investigating some in-game issues that have been brought to our attention. We will have the following issues resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Issue with Chasers constantly/automatically being moved to Single Channels
  2. Channel information not being accurate, as well as the arrival point being different from the target point when moving between channels
  3. Mission cooldowns being longer than intended
  4. CBT rewards not being sent as intended
  5. Clients crashing when attempting to participate in Custom Missions

Again, if you Chasers find any in-game issues and/or bugs, please bring them to our attention and report via CS ticketing(HELP button in the game or our website) as soon as possible.

From the moment our KurtzPel team came together… 3 years ago,

we were determined to develop a game that was neither Pay to Win, nor Grind to Win.

This belief has not changed.
However, when developing a Free-to-Play game like KurtzPel, that’s one hell of a challenge. It’s a challenge that we’ve accepted.

From now on, we hope to provide services that demonstrate our conviction to this design philosophy. In order to do so, we will continue to communicate with everyone and be receptive to your feedback.
Please support us, bear with us, and share your constructive feedback. This helps us stay focused. And though we know that not every decision can make everybody happy, all the time, we will do our absolute best to make the best game that we can.
Thank you, Chasers.

-KurtzPel Team