DLC Karmas (Blazing Fist & Diabolic Witch) Are Now FREE!

Hello Chasers!

As we announced during our May 3rd Livestream, the two DLC Karmas, Blazing Fist and Diabolic Witch are now free for all players.

Once you are in the game, you will find the Karma quests are available in your Mission Map. Make sure to complete all 3 missions for both Jin and Marian, and you’ll be awarded with the Karma, Weapon, and basic Skills.

For new players who haven’t played KurtzPel yet, you will need to complete the preliminary, first 3 missions before you are able to play the missions needed to unlock the DLC Karmas.

As mentioned in the previous announcements, for any players who have already purchased or acquired the DLC Karmas (Blazing Fist & Diabolic Witch) prior to the DLC packages being removed for the KurtzPel Steam Storefront, we have prepared some fantastic compensation packages:

  • For Chasers who acquired both Blazing Fist AND Diabolic Witch, you will receive a special costume set and weapon set
  • For Chasers who acquired only one (1) Karma, either the Blazing Fist or Diabolic Witch, you will receive a special costume set

These rewards apply to anyone who either purchased one or both of the Karma DLC packages, purchased a founder’s pack, or unlocked in the game using CP & AP before the DLC packages have been removed from the KurtzPel Steam Store Page.

Additionally, we are looking for Chasers who would like to participate in the KurtzPel Partner program to help improve KurtzPel. From Translation, Moderation, Streamer and more, for anyone who would like to participate, please click the below link. We are looking to fill a variety of roles so make sure to check this link out: https://www.kurtzpel.com/partners/

We would like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and dedication for KurtzPel.
As always, please send us your valuable feedback, and we look forward to making KurtzPel the best game that we can.


Thank you.