Global Launch Maintenance Patch Notes
  1. Europe/Asia servers will open together on June 5th @ 9AM PDT
  2. Region Country Server open (local time)
    Europe UK, Portugal (UTC+0) June 5th 05:00 PM (DST)
    Europe German, France, Italy, Spain (UTC+1) June 5th 06:00 PM (DST)
    Europe Russia[Moscow], Turkey (UTC+3) June 5th 07:00 PM
    Asia Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia (UTC+7) June 5th 11:00 PM
    Asia China, Singapore, Philippines(UTC+8) June 6th 00:00 AM
    Asia Japan (UTC+9) June 6th 01:00 AM
    Asia Australia[Sydney] (UTC+10) June 6th 02:00 AM
    1. 1) Europe server covers Europe/Africa/Middle East, and Asia server covers China, Japan, South East Asia, and Oceania.
    2. 2) Chaser’s Servers will be selected automatically based on individual Chaser’s Country Info.
    3. 3) You can check your current server by logging into the game, then pressing ESC (System Menu). The server name will be at the right side.
    4. 4) It’s not possible to play, move, or migrate between servers. The account in different servers will count as completely separate accounts.
  3. The function to redistribute Character’s base stat with CP is added.
    1. 1) The function to redistribute Character’s base stats which was previously only available through Rebirth can now be done using CP using the Tome of Knowledge at the Library.
  4. Method of opening Supply Boxes will change.
    1. 1) After the update, all Supply Boxes will be opened through the new Supply Box UI instead of Steam Inventory.
    2. 2) You will be able to check the contents of the supply box with the in-game UI.
    3. 3) The items you’ve obtained through the supply box will be distributed to the Character Inventory directly. Of course, you can move them to the Steam Inventory if you wish.
  5. When you gather a certain amount of AP, you will be able to purchase Supply Boxes with CP, and new Supply Boxes will be added.
    1. 1) Advanced Supply Box will be available in the in-game shop just like before. Every time you reach a certain AP amount, you will be able to use CP to purchase these boxes.
    2. 2) These supply boxes (one from in-game shop and one purchased using CP) will have the same contents and rates.
    3. 3) New Basic Supply Boxes will be added.
    4. 4) Basic Supply Boxes will be available to purchase using CP when you reach a certain of AP. (Not Available in in-game shop)
    5. 5) Basic Supply Boxes have the same contents as Advanced Supply Boxes, but have different rates.
    6. 6) All items obtained through any supply boxes are tradeable.
    7. 7) You’ll be able to purchase Supply Boxes with CP every time you achieve a certain amount of AP.
      1. – Once you gain the required amount of AP, the Supply Boxes will become available for purchase with CP.
      2. – Your ability to purchase boxes with CP will be reset once you purchase a box. You will have to obtain the required AP again to purchase again.
    8. 8) The AP requirements are counted separately per Supply Box grade.
      1. – Advanced Supply Box and Basic Supply Box AP requirements to purchase with CP are counted separately.
      2. – For example, once you’ve acquired enough AP to purchase both Basic and Advanced boxes with CP, you’ll be able to purchase the Basic Supply Box with CP even after purchasing the Advanced Supply Box with CP.
  6. Advanced Supply Box Rates per category and contents will be adjusted.
    1. 1) Each Weapon Advanced Supply Boxes will have 4 new weapons added.
    2. 2) To keep the rates of each weapon constant even with the new weapons added, the rates for weapons category will be increased.
    3. 3) Rates for All Dyes will decrease for Advanced Supply Boxes.
    4. 4) You will be able to acquire 1 Dye ~ 5 Dyes randomly at a time from Supply Boxes.
    5. 5) Adjusted rates for Supply Boxes are as follows.
    Advanced Supply Box
    (Sword Taliah, Dance of Wind,
    Diabolic Witch, Blazing Fist)
    Category Rate
    Weapon 8% 16%
    Karma Crystal 11% 12%
    Dye 25% 20%
    Accessories 56% 52%
    Advanced Supply Box
    Category Rate
    Top Piece, Bottom Piece 40% 41%
    Accessories 35% 37%
    Dye 25% 22%
  7. Practice Probatio’ will be added, allowing players to play PvP without affecting their rank.
    1. 1) Practice Probatio can be played from the Real Time Mission Tab.
    2. 2) There will be no change in rank for Practice Probatio. All games will be 3 vs 3.
  8. You can request 2 types of PvP Missions: ‘Practice Probatio’ and ‘Official Probatio’.
    1. 1) PvP Modes will be selected randomly and will not be revealed until start of the match.
    2. 2) Practice Probatio will include 2 types of Death Match maps, 2 types of Capture the Flag maps, and 1 type of Conquest map. All matches will be 3 vs 3.
    3. 3) Official Probatio will include 2 types of Death Match maps and 2 types of Capture the Flag maps. All matches will be 2 vs 2.
    4. 4) Conquest mode will be revamped in the future. Once Conquest mode is revamped, it will be added to Official Probatio.
  9. There will be changes to the PVP mode.
    1. 1) The function of the losing team gaining points faster in Capture the Flag will be removed.
    2. 2) The amount of time increased until resurrection after each death will be less, and will not exceed maximum of 10 sec.
    3. 3) Conquest gauge moving speed will be slower, and neutral zone will be decreased (Only for Practice Probatio)
  10. View Player Info function, which allows you to check information of other players you meet in Eltheca, will be added.
  11. ‘Kill Log’ will be added to inform players when they slay the opponent.
  12. ‘Screenshot Mode’ will be added to allow you to hide UI to take better screenshots.
  13. New DLC Costume set, ’Silver Wing Knights set’ will be added.
    1. 1) As we’ve announced before, this costume set will be distributed accordingly to the amount of Karmas purchased as compensation.
      1. 1) When purchased 1 Karma – ‘Silver Wing Knights’ costume set
      2. 2) When purchased 2 Karma – ‘Silver Wing Knights’ costume set + ‘Silver Wing Knights’ weapon set
    2. 2) ‘Silver Wing Knights’ DLC will be available to purchase only from 06/05 After Maintenance ~ 07/31 before Maintenance
  14. “Korean” will be removed from the Text Language in Settings. Don’t worry, the Korean voice option will stay.
  15. “South Korea, Isle of Man, Netherland, and Belgium” will be restricted from accessing the game. (South Korea will be serviced outside the Steam Platform) Also, when the South Korea service begins, you will not be able to migrate your progress made on the Steam version.
  16. Item tooltip design and how AP, CP is displayed in UI (icon) has changed.
  17. Now ‘Settings > Max Frame Rate’ category will have a ‘Primary Monitor Refresh Rate’ setting.
    When you set this option, your Max Frame Rate will be identical to your primary monitor’s refresh rate.
  18. Eltheca Channels will be selected based on Steam Client Language Settings. Players will still be able to freely move between channels.
  19. Stamina Recovery speed will be increased when you are exhausted.
  20. Weapons max modification count will increase by 1.
  21. AP boosting category from weapon modification will be removed.
    Weapons that’s been modified for AP Boosting will have the modification removed and the modification count will be reset.
  22. From now on, Karma (and weapon) will be obtained on the first Epic Mission (per NPC). Players will be able to obtain Karma Crystals (Skills) as reward for second and third Epic Missions.
  23. Players will no longer be able to gain AP through Flashback Missions.
  24. There will now be a limit to character deletion. Once a character is deleted, players will not be able to delete another character for 6 hours. The number of character slots is irrelevant. There will be no restriction to character creation.
  25. Unexpected Memory (*Obsidian Fist Master) Mission Difficulty will become easier.
  26. CP exchange cost for items acquired through PVE missions and Affinity rewards will decrease.
  27. CP exchange cost for items obtained through DLC, In-game shop, and Supply Boxes will increase.
  28. CP cost for Dye will decrease.
  29. Now Dye will also exist as an item in character inventory.
    1. Now Dye in steam inventory must be moved to the character inventory to be used.
    2. It will also be possible to move Dye in character inventory to steam inventory.
  30. Flashback Mission’s resurrect limit increased from 2 times to 10 times in order to assist players who want to practice.
  31. Bugs Fixed
    1. – The issue of characters stop moving in Eltheca will be fixed.
    2. – Undergarment Stats Upgrade (Uses CP without actually enhancing stats) that was available while using the controller will no longer be available as intended.
    3. – Occasional problem of hair or equipment looking different from how it is set will be fixed.
    4. – Translations fixes and related UI will be fixed
    5. – Costume related graphic will be fixed
    6. – The issue of dye applying to main Karma when applying it to a Secondary Karma is fixed
    7. – The issue of Item Stats not updating after modifying equipped accessory is fixed
    8. – The issue of two same Karmas showing on the ranking board is fixed
    9. – The issue of being able to leave the map in Intrusion of the Dark Elves using Leap skill has been fixed
    10. – The issue of being able to target far locations using the error that happens when selecting the target multiple times in skills such as Leap has been fixed.
    11. – The issue of costumes changing to the inspecting player costume when you’re viewing them from the leaderboard while the missions start has been fixed
    12. – The issues in difficulty settings display while in party has been fixed
    13. – The issue of ‘Fix Character Location’ in options resetting to ‘Don’t Use’ has been fixed
    14. – The target location will no longer remain when you cancel targeting skills immediately after setting target location.
    15. – Sub Karma Crystal (Cooldown Decrease) effects will work as intended.
      • Before: Level 1: 3% / Level 2: 4% / Level 3: 5%
      • After: Level 1: 5% / Level 2: 10% / Level 3: 15%
    16. – Camera will no longer be moved when using Staff Dash Attack (Will work similarly to other Karma)

All above changes can change due to development complications and when there is a change, we will notify you on the changes.