May 22nd Emergency Maintenance Announcement

Hello Chasers!

In order to fix some critical issues that affecting your gameplay, we will have an emergency maintenance.

Please take note, the emergency maintenance will be held from May 22nd 00:00AM ~ 02:00AM PDT.

You will not be able to login or play during this maintenance. Please understand that the duration of the maintenance may be adjusted.

Here is the list of issues that will be fixed in the coming, emergency maintenance:

  1. Nickname Filter function has improved.
    • Instead of banning any nicknames that included ban words, new nicknames will be banned only if it matches the ban words exactly.
  2. Some Portuguese and Spanish translations are revised.
    • Translations will be fixed continuously. If there are any parts of the translations that seems odd or needs to be fixed, please report them via the CS ticket.
  3. Stamina will no longer be recovered when falling (without attacking) after Chasing with Great Sword/Gauntlet.
  4. Staff Left-Right (Hold) combo can be canceled after the explosion motion.
    • First Hit stamina cost will be adjusted with balance between Karmas in mind.
    • 2nd Explosion Projectile initial damage and Endurance damage will decrease.
    • Max Charge damage and Endurance damage will increase.
  5. New DLC, ‘Essential Pack’ has been added to the Store Page.
    The price will be $5.99 and the contents will be as follows:

    • – Rebirth Ticket X 1
    • – Striped Knee-high Long Socks X 1
    • – Knee-length Socks X 1
    • – Ankle Socks X 1
  6. Ancient KurtzPel Costumes (Lire, Jin, Amy) costumes will now also be sold in a bundle.
    • This is due to popular demand from Chasers to have the costumes available in a bundle. For Chasers who’ve already purchased the items, following rewards will be given.
      • – 1 Basic Dye per $2.99 item purchased
      • – 1 Intermediate Dye per $4.99 item purchased
      • – 1 Intermediate Dye per $6.99 item purchased
      • – 1 Advanced Dye per $9.99 item purchased
    • Any future costume sets updated in the in-game shop will now also be available in a bundle.
    • Bundles will only be available for 2 months after the update. However, individual costume pieces will still be available in the shop after the bundles have been removed.
    • Amy’s Sibyl Equipment Package, Lire’s Great Archer Equipment Package, and Jin’s Rookie Fighter Equipment Package can be purchased before July 17th maintenance.
    • This is a reward for all Chasers who purchased before the maintenance and the reward will be distributed on May 24th 01:00 PDT.
    • The reward will be sent to the most recently played character before the maintenance starts.
    • Rewards will be given to players who purchased before the 5/22 Maintenance.
  7. Fixed the error where it showed two identical karmas on the leaderboard contribution.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Emergency Maintenance.