May 9th Emergency Maintenance Announcement

Hello Chasers!

In order to fix the issue that some Chasers have been experiencing, we will have an emergency maintenance.

Please take note, the emergency maintenance will be held from May 9th 01:00AM ~ 02:00AM PDT.

You will not be able to login or play during maintenance and the duration of the maintenance may be adjusted.

Here is the list that will be fixed this coming emergency maintenance:

  1. Fixed the issue where NPCs you’ve never met before shows up as a ‘Soulmate’.
    • NPCs you’ve never met will show a proper 0 in affinity.
  2. Fixed the issue where Sword Taliah’s ‘Fortitude’ skill was increasing both Physical and Magical Defense.
    • Fortitude will no longer increase the caster’s Physical and Magical Defense.
  3. Fixed the issue where Blazing Fist’s ‘Activate Fortitude’ skill was increasing the Magic Defense by 50% instead of Endurance.
    • ‘Activate Fortitude’ will now properly increase Endurance instead of Magic Defense.
  4. Fixed the issue where Custom Mission wasn’t functioning properly
  5. CBT rewards for players who’ve logged in during 05/07 ~ 05/09 have been distributed.
    • From now on, CBT rewards will be distributed everyday at 00:00 (UTC +0).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Emergency Maintenance.