Dev Notes: KurtzPel Global Early Access

Hello Chasers,

This is the KurtzPel Team.

With the launch of KurtzPel in Europe and Asia, we’re now open to players around the world!

It has already been a month since we started Early Access, and we know that our European and Asian players have waited patiently for this day.

Our decision to open KurtzPel in Asia, earlier than scheduled, was a difficult one, but we will do our absolute best to make sure to provide a stable, global service.

Due to our decision to open up to Asia a month earlier than expected, we weren’t able to fully localize KurtzPel for all languages in Asia. However, localization is very important to us, and we will continue to update the game in more languages as soon as we are able to.

We would like to thank all of the Chasers in Europe and Asia for being so patient, and we hope everyone enjoys their adventures in Eltheca.

To our Chasers in the Americas,

We know that not every design decision we’ve made in launched KurtzPel in Early Access has worked out as we’d hoped. Things like the Blazing Fist & Diabolic Witch Karma, locking the stat redistribution to Rebirth Ticket, and others. However, as we’ve progressed through this, with your feedback and continued support, KurtzPel has evolved into a much better game.

However, we would like to offer our sincerest apology for the circumstances involved. We sincerely appreciate all you and the contributions and feedback you’ve all provided.

During our 1 month, Early Access service, we have done the following:

We’ve heard you guys and girls loud and clear, and we’ve done our best to listen to the community’s feedback, implemented change (within reason). And, acted as quickly as we could to bring some awesome changes to the game.

Starting with making the Blazing Fist & Diabolic Witch Karmas Free, Updating the Matchmaking Methods, Allowing Stat Redistribution and Supply Boxes purchasable with in-game currency.

We are also working on creating a friend list system, improving Conquest Mode, adding an Emote System, New Karma, a Guild System, and much more.
As you may well know at this point, we are prepared to hear you out, make changes, and make KurtzPel into the best game that we can.

With the Global launch of KurtzPel, we hope to show you the direction of KurtzPel’s future, and to also truly reveal our design philosophy behind KurtzPel.

We will do our best to never lose this focus, and always strive to make a better game.

Thank you.

Lastly, the planned rewards for players who purchased the Blazing Fist & Diabolic Witch Karma will be delayed for a bit as we are currently discussing the compensation distribution methods with Steam. As soon as we figure this out, we will make sure to reward all players who purchased the Karma DLC with their Silver Wing Knights Costume & Weapons. We will update you as soon as we are able to.

We are very sorry for the delay.