July 3rd Weekly Maintenance Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

The following patch note pertains to content that will be updated during the (UTC+0) July 3rd Weekly Maintenance.
Maintenance will happen during the following times:

Standard Time UTC 2019-07-02 23:00 ~ 2019-07-03 01:00
AMERICA SERVER PDT 2019-07-02 16:00 ~ 2019-07-02 18:00
EUROPE SERVER CEST 2019-07-03 01:00 ~ 2019-07-03 03:00
ASIA SERVER JCT 2019-07-03 08:00 ~ 2019-07-03 10:00

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will follow up with another announcement.)

Additional Content and System Update

1. New Karma ‘Dual Soul’ will be added.
– You can purchase through the Steam Shop or by collecting enough CP and AP to purchase in the game.
(※ AP for Dual Soul will start to be collected starting from the release of Dual Soul.)
– When you purchase the ‘Dual Soul’ DLC, you will be provided with 3 missions related to Kien in the Mission Map.

※ Epic Mission List

Order Name
1 In search of ParazPel 1
2 In search of ParazPel 2
3 In search of ParazPel 3

– When you complete each epic mission, you will receive ‘Dual Soul’ Karma weapon and other skills related to Dual Soul. You will also meet the NPC ‘Kien’

※ Karma Crystal List

Karma Category Karma Crystal Default
Dual Soul Karma Crystal Destiny’s Restraints O
Rend O
Wolf Fang O
Spinning Strike
Demon Mode
Critical Slash
Unique Karma Crystal Massacre O
Soul Blade

– After you finish the 3 epic missions, you can receive additional rewards depending on your affinity with ‘Kien’. (Costumes, Karma Crystals, and etc.)

※ Hero NPC Kien Affinity Reward List

Affinity Stage Reward Stage Reward
1 1 Spinning Strike
2 Demon Mode
3 Official Chaser Dual Sword
2 4 Critical Slash
5 Soul Blade
3 6 Kien’s Trinity Outfit Waist Accessory
7 Kien’s Trinity Outfit Gloves (R)
Kien’s Trinity Outfit Gloves (L)
4 8 Kien’s Nameless Dual Sword
9 Kien’s Trinity Outfit Shoes
5 10 Kien’s Dual Sword
11 Kien’s Trinity Outfit Top Piece
Kien’s Trinity Outfit Bottom Piece
2. New 2 Player PVE (Real Time Mission) will be added and each boss will drop new items.

※ Real Time Mission List

Name Boss Item Name
Wandering Beast Anathema Anathema Mask
Dangerous Experiment Incomplete ParazPel ParazPel’s Ceremonial Dual Sword
Apostle of Greed’s Reappearance Apostle of Greed Apostle of Greed Wing Ornament
3. Starting from now, 2 Player PVE missions will be provided to everyone regardless of the Karma you own and the initial 12 PVE missions will now be provided to everyone regardless of your progression on Epic Missions.

※ New Default Real Time Mission List

Name Boss
Increased Security Bellatos Lancer
Belated Resurrection of Golems Giant Stone Golem
Reappearance of Reorgea Demonic Beast Reorgea
Attack of Black Fang Black Fang and Dark Elf Karin
Intrusion of the Dark Elves Dark Elf Ney and Shey
Chasers Trapped in the Past Wind Guardian
Appearance of Giant Demonic Beast Giant Demonic Beast Garganta
Reckless Undeads Cursed Undead
Teachings of the Great Warlock Great Warlock
Bad Tempered Lieutenant Bellatos Lieutenant
Unexpected Memory Obsidian Fist Master
Reappearance of Calamity Calamity

(※ In order to raise your affinity with Hero NPCs, you must complete the 3 Epic Missions for that particular NPC’s Karma.)

4. New 4 Player PVE Mission ‘Illusion Device Overload’ will be added.
– A new PVE mode that requires 4 players to cooperate and fight bosses that randomly spawn at a set time.
– New Accessories will be dropped at a set rate.

※ New Dropped Item List

Illusion Device Earring
Illusion Device Bracelet
Illusion Device Ring
5. New Deathmatch map, ‘Regenie Monastery’ is added. You can enjoy this map in both Official and Practice Probatio.
6. Emote & Ping system will be added.
We added Emotes & Ping system to allow players to communicate with each other during gameplay.
– For strategic communication purposes, each mode will have its own ping system.
– For Emotes, it will be provided in a form of items and basic emotes will be provided.

※ Basic Emote List

Name Description
Hello Wave your hand.
Wiggle Wiggle Feel the rhythm and gently move to the beat.
You’re So Dead Make a show of slitting your throat with your thumb.
Uh Huh Nod your head up and down.
Noway Shake your head while moving your arms.
7. Friend system will be added.
Friend System will be set for each character and not account wide. You can access the Friend System menu by pressing the G button.
– Friend List: Check Friend’s status, info, and invite to party
– Suggested Friend: Provide a list of players you played in the same mission, can request as friend
– Friend Request Box: Check received friend request and accept or decline the request.
You can also send a friend request directly in Eltheca by approaching them.
8. You can now enter the Training Grounds while in queue for missions and matches. You can also accept the queue from the Training Grounds.
9. Chat Bubbles are added.
10. Notification Window will be added in the System Menu.
You can check events and other useful information and you may click the ‘Do not show this again’ box. If you check the box, you may not see this feature again until you restart KurtzPel.
11. The visuals effects for gems on the Silver Wings Knight Weapons will be improved.
12. There will be additional changes to Capture the Flag mode.
– Every time you obtain the flag, you will obtain 1 point. The team that first obtains 3 points, or the team with the higher score when time runs out.
– The flag will disappear for a short duration when you obtain the flag.
– After 10 sec. the flag will appear in one of the locations set in the map. The location of the flag will be marked 10 sec. before it appears, and will appear after the 10 sec. countdown.
– The game will be extended if the game is tied when time runs out.
– Flag Obtain Gauge (Time) will be affected by global time stop (when using Rage Skill).
In previous version of Capture the Flag, the battle to obtain the flag may have been fierce and competitive, but the playstyle after the flag was obtained was very slow, which was not the direction the Dev team intended.
In order to keep Capture the Flag more exciting, we have changed the scoring format from ‘Keep the Flag’ → ‘Obtain the Flag’.
As such, there will no longer be need for teams to protect the flag bearer but instead the point of the combat will be to cap the flag in a dynamic environment that will constantly be switching with each flag captures.
13. Diabolic Witch’s ‘Ice Wall’ skill’s duration will decrease by 20% (Approx. 1.1 sec).
14. Diabolic Witch’s ‘Meteor’ skill’s hit duration will decrease by 30% (Approx. 0.8 sec). However, each hit’s damage will increase to keep the same overall damage.
15. Thailand and Japan localization will be added.
16. A new ‘Auto Graphic Setting’ option has been added. This option will be enabled as default.
  – This option will activate at the start of each mission (PVP & PVE). Based on the player’s graphic settings, if the FPS doesn’t reach 40 FPS within a certain duration, the graphic quality will be lowered until it reaches a stable frame rate.
– This will not affect Player Graphic Settings. Once the mission is complete, the graphic settings will return to normal.
– This function will not activate in Eltheca as it’s a function to help with smooth gameplay.
– You can go into Settings > Screen/Graphics > High Setting to disable this option.
17. Sword Taliah’s Storm Slash Skill effects are adjusted.
  – Storm Slash’s skill effects were smaller than its actual range and we have corrected the skill effects to correctly display the skill’s attack range.
18. Diabolic Witch’s Lightning Skill is adjusted.
  – Lightning’s Skill was occurring slower than expected and also lasted longer than expected.
– Lightning’s Skill will now hit 0.1 sec. faster to match the skill effect and the duration will last 0.1 sec. less.
– This change is to improve the players being attacked by Lightning even though they weren’t hit by the skill effect.
19. Affinity Management System is added.
  – Affinity Management function will allow you to select which NPCs you will want to increase affinity with.
– Only NPCs that are registered from the Affinity Management window will be trackable from Ensher.
– This will also allow the NPCs to appear randomly.
– This system is enabled when you have 7 or more NPCs that are Affinity Lv.1 or higher.
– You can check this function from Game Menu(R) – Player Info – Affinity Info – Press R.
– You can register up to 6 NPCs on the Affinity Management window and you can swap out different NPCs depending on your preference.
– You must have exactly 6 NPCs registered on the Affinity Manager, it cannot be less or more.
Tip: For those of you planning to acquire Dual Soul, please note that if you already have 6 NPCs that are all Lv.1 or higher Affinity, you will need to remove an NPC after acquiring Kien’s Affinity after the 3rd Mission.
Once you complete this task, you will be able to track Kien from Ensher.

Shop Update

1. New Karma ‘Dual Soul’ will be added.
2. ‘Dual Soul Starter Pack’ will be added.
– A Bundle that contains the Dual Soul Karma DLC and the Vanguard Dual Sword DLC.
3. New Costume Set ‘Guardian Yaksha’ DLC will be added.
– Guardian Yaksha Costume Set (DLC)
– Guardian Yaksha Weapon Set (Great Sword, Bow, Staff, Gauntlet) (DLC)
– Guardian Yaksha Undergarment (DLC)
– Guardian Yaksha Pack Tier1 (Bundle)
– Guardian Yaksha Pack Tier2 (Bundle)
4. Dual Sword Costume Pieces will be added as DLC.
– Vanguard Dual Sword (DLC)
– Silver Wings Knight Dual Sword (DLC)
– Guardian Yaksha Dual Sword (DLC)
5. Dual Sword Advanced and Basic Supply Boxes will be added.
6. You can now obtain Emotes from supply boxes.
As such, the rates of the supply box will be changed as the following.

※ Changed Rates for Supply Box (Karma)

Category Before After
Weapon 16% 16%
Karma Crystal 12% 9%
Dye 20% 20%
Accessory 52% 40%
Emotes N/A 15%

※ Changed Rates for Supply Box (Costume)

Category Before After
Dye 22% 20%
Costume 41% 34%
Accessory 37% 31%
Emotes N/A 15%

(※ This rates will apply to all supply boxes, so if you wish to use the supply boxes without the changed rates, please use the supply boxes before the update.)

7. There will be change in Item Price.
– Since Steam Prices are set with additional tax included, we will be removing the tax rates from the items for certain countries without additional tax to lower the overall item price for these countries.
– The current pricing for all countries will be changed to meet the USD average exchange rate for the last 3 months. This may increase or decrease the prices of items in your region.
– Also, we will be changing the prices every 3 months to meet the average USD exchange for the prior 3 months.
– While the prices may vary due to the exchange rate, we believe this will make all regions experience similar pricing.


1. ‘[Event] Weekend CP & AP Bonus Event’ will start.
– 2019-07-06 00:00 ~ 2019-07-07 23:59
– 2019-07-13 00:00 ~ 2019-07-14 23:59

Bug Fix

1. The minimum required contribution rates will be fixed to be higher. (Contribution rate will be based on number of party members (allies), not number of all participating members (allies & enemies)).