June 19th Weekly Maintenance Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

The following patch note pertains to content that will be updated during the (UTC+0) June 19th Weekly Maintenance.
Maintenance will happen during the following times:

Standard Time UTC 2019-06-19 00:00 ~ 2019-06-19 01:30
AMERICA SERVER PDT 2019-06-18 17:00 ~ 2019-06-18 18:30
EUROPE SERVER CEST 2019-06-19 02:00 ~ 2019-06-19 03:30
ASIA SERVER JCT 2019-06-19 09:00 ~ 2019-06-19 10:30

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will follow up with another announcement.)

Additional Contents and System Update

1. From this maintenance, you will be able to select the server when you login. Character and account information will not be shared across servers.
There’s a recommended server based on the country code provided by Steam. Once you login, any future logins will select the last selected server as your default server.

※ We have decided on this update because players, often times, do not have a country code from Steam, and/or their actual designated server (region) might not reflect the server they have the best connection. As such, this update will allow you to select your own server that will be “best for your gaming environment”.

2. Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Portuguese are now available.
3. You can now select PvE missions from Custom Missions. You can select difficulty and up to 3 players can play together.
4. Custom Missions will no longer require CP to create
5. 2 new eye shapes per personality have been added (Total 48, 24 each per gender).
If you wish to see the images, you can check from the following URL.
[See the images]
6. Now, Ranking Info messages will only be shown when you enter Eltheca.
7. Mission Accept window will now show the ping information for the matched (region) server, so you can cancel the mission if the connection to the server is not satisfactory.
8. You will no longer be removed from queue if you don’t accept the PvE mission with lower difficulty level than yours.
9. Rank Matching Limitations have become stricter for Promotion Matches for official PvP. This is to prevent disparity in rank for Promotion Matches. There may be a delay in matching due to this update.
10. Certain missions and difficulty levels have been adjusted so more Chasers may challenge for Grand Chase difficulty.
11. Practice Probatio rewards will be increased by approximately 30%.
12. From now on, if your mission (PVP & PVE) contribution is below a set amount, you will no longer receive rewards. This change is for those who AFK intentionally during missions.
13. Default Camera Zoom Value in Eltheca and in Missions have been adjusted. While Eltheca, the camera zoom will remain the same. However, during missions, your camera will be zoomed out to the max. You will still be able to adjust your camera zoon rate during gameplay.
14. Loading Tip will be added for various tips to play the game.

Common, Karma, Mode Balance

1. Resurrection time will be adjusted again.
Max duration after 6 K.O will still be 10 sec., but the duration for 1~3 K.O will be adjusted to be longer, to match with the duration before.
# of Resurrection Before After
1 5 4 5
2 8 5 7
3 11 6 8
4 15 8 9
5 20 10 10
2. Default Endurance when you are in the process of capturing the flag will be 0. There will be no difference between different Karma (Stat) or Endurance Buffs (Fortitude), so any attack that decrease endurance will affect the player attempting to capture the flag.
3. Default Endurance when you are exhausted (Stamina <0) will also be 0. There will be no difference between Karma (Stat) or Endurance Buffs (Fortitude), so any attack that decrease endurance will cause the flag bearer to be easily caught in a combo.
4. Max HP recovery after taking damage will decrease.
This is to encourage active engagement in PvP and discourage passive static play.
5. Sword Taliah’s WW+MLB (L-stick push+RB) attack range will decrease by app. 8~9%.
The attack range has been adjusted so that Sword Taliah’s concept as a close-range Karma with longer reach is still realized, but without the command having the significant advantage of being the most stable, long range breaker command.
6. Sword Taliah’s ‘Raging Strike’ Damage will be decreased by 30%.
We have adjusted the damage, as it was confirmed that Sword Taliah’s ‘Raging Strike’ dealt more damage than other damage-type Rage Skills.
7. Dance of Wind ‘Salvo Arrow’ Basic Damage (No Charge) will decrease by 50%.
However, full charge damage will remain the same, with the damage increase rate when charging also increased. Additionally, full charge duration will decrease from 2 sec. -> 1 sec.
8. Jump (in-air) while dashing will no longer recover stamina.


1. ‘[Event] Outstanding Chaser’s Token’ will start.
– 2019-06-19 After Maintenance ~ 2019-07-03 Before Maintenance

Item Shop Update

1. Advanced Supply Box Packages will be sold for limited time only
– 2019-06-19 After Maintenance ~ 2019-07-03 Before Maintenance
Package Price($)
Advanced Supply Box 5+1 14.99
Advanced Supply Box 10+3 29.99
Advanced Supply Box 20+8 59.99

Bug Fix

1. NPC events that happen after completing missions will no longer force players to change channels.
2. The issue of Players’ nickname occasionally not showing in spectator mode has been fixed.
3. During the rebirth process, changing gender will no longer allow you to create unintended eye shapes.
4. CP used for Accepting DLC Reward Procedure (6/4, 6/7) will be compensated.
5. Other minor issues related to translations have been fixed.
6. Hero NPC Tracking System will now operate properly in Official Probatio. From now on, when you are on Official Probatio, the NPC Tracking system will work properly.


All above changes can change due to development complications and when there is a change, we will notify you on the changes.