August 7th Weekly Maintenance Schedule & Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

The following patch note pertains to content that will be updated during the (UTC+0) August 7th Weekly Maintenance.

Maintenance will happen during the following times:

Standard Time UTC 2019-08-07 00:00 ~ 2019-08-07 02:00
AMERICA SERVER PDT 2019-08-06 17:00 ~ 2019-08-06 19:00
EUROPE SERVER CEST 2019-08-07 02:00 ~ 2019-08-07 04:00
ASIA SERVER JCT 2019-08-07 09:00 ~ 2019-08-07 11:00

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will follow up with another announcement.)

Additional Content and System Update

1. First Official Probatio Season has commenced.
– Season 1 will start 08/07 After Maintenance ~ 11/06 Before Maintenance.
– During the season, you can increase Season Level.
– Season Level can be increased by completing the new ‘Challenge’ system. You will be able to receive rewards every time you reach a certain level.

※ Season 1 Level Achievement Reward List

Season Lv. Reward Item
1 1,000 CP
2 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
3 1,000 CP
4 Basic Dye x 1
5 I’m the Winner (Emote) x 1
6 1,000 CP
7 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
8 1,000 CP
9 Basic Dye x 2
10 El Knight Plated Glove (R) x 1
El Knight Plated Glove (L) x 1
11 1,500 CP
12 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
13 1,500 CP
14 Basic Dye x 3
15 El Knight Plated Armor Bottom Piece x 1
16 1,500 CP
17 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
18 1,500 CP
19 Intermediate Dye x 1
20 Victory Selfie (Emote) x 1
21 2,000 CP
22 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
23 2,000 CP
24 Intermediate Dye x 2
25 El Knight Plated Shoes x 1
26 2,000 CP
27 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
28 2,000 CP
29 Intermediate Dye x 3
30 El Knight Plated Armor Top Piece x 1
31 2,500 CP
32 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
33 2,500 CP
34 Advanced Dye x 1
35 El Knight Armor Visor x 1
36 2,500 CP
37 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
38 2,500 CP
39 Advanced Dye x 2
40 Pride & Prestige (Emote) x 1
41 3,000 CP
42 Advanced Supply Box (Costume) x 1
43 3,000 CP
44 Advanced Dye x 3
45 El Knight Undergarment x 1

(*The Season 1 Level Rewards, El Knight Set and Emotes will not be tradeable)

– Every time a new season starts, the previous PvP rank will be soft reset. The new season rank will be as follows:

※ PvP Rank Soft Reset

Previous Season Rank New Season Rank
G ~ S5 C5
S4 C4
S3 C3
S2 C2
S1 C1
A5 D5
A4 D4
A3 D3
A2 D2
A1 D1
D1 ~ B5 D1
E1 ~ E5 E1


– At the basis, PvP rank will decrease by 15 stages.
– G rank will be decreased to C5 rank, just like S5 rank.
– The lowest rank after reset is D1 rank (excluding E ranks).
– All E will be reset to E1 rank.
– Regardless of your Chaser Rank, ratings used for matchmaking will reflect on the stats from the previous season.
– Once the season is complete, the rewards will be given according to PvP rank. The rewards are as follows:

※ Season 1 PvP Rank PvP Reward – Distributed after Season 1, 11/06/19 

Chaser Rank Reward
E1 5,000 CP
E2 5,000 CP
E3 5,000 CP
E4 5,000 CP
E5 5,000 CP
D1 10,000 CP
D2 10,000 CP
D3 10,000 CP
D4 10,000 CP
D5 10,000 CP
C1 15,000 CP
C2 15,000 CP
C3 15,000 CP
C4 15,000 CP
C5 15,000 CP
B1 20,000 CP
B2 20,000 CP
B3 20,000 CP
B4 20,000 CP
B5 20,000 CP
A1 Elaum Ore x 1
A2 Elaum Ore x 1
A3 Elaum Ore x 1
A4 Elaum Ore x 1
A5 Elaum Ore x 1
S1 Elaum Ore x 2
S2 Elaum Ore x 2
S3 Elaum Ore x 2
S4 Elaum Ore x 2
S5 Elaum Ore x 2
G1 Elaum Ore x 3
G2 Elaum Ore x 3
G3 Elaum Ore x 3
G4 Elaum Ore x 3
G5 Elaum Ore x 3

(*Elaum Ore and other Golden Chase Weapons will not be tradeable.)

2. A new challenge system is added.
– Daily Challenge is added.
– Weekly Challenge is added.
– Season Challenge is added.

  • > Completing the challenges will allow you to increase season level.
3. Newly improved Conquest mode will be added to the Official/Practice Probatio and Custom Missions.
4. New Conquest Map, "Regenie Monastery Dungeons" has been added.
5. New Boss Rush map, "Chase: Illusion Core" has been added.
– New Accessories will be dropped at a set rate.

※ New Dropped Item List

Illusion Core Necklace
Illusion Core Bracelet (L)
Illusion Core Ring (R)


6. Key customization function for keyboards has been added.
7. You can now adjust different options (Time, Kill, etc.) for Custom Missions.
8. Main Menu UI and maneuvering through the menu has been improved.
9. Basic Emote “Kneel” has been added.
All characters will be able to receive this new Emote. This emote can be equipped through Emote tab.
10. Dye information will be shown above the item icon.
11. From now on, upgrading ‘One Piece’ items will give these items stats equivalent to upgrade stats of top and bottom piece combined. However, this will also increase the cost of upgrading ‘One Piece’ items.
12. When using dual monitors, KurtzPel will always run on the primary monitor. Once the game is running, you can move the window to the other monitor if you wish.
13. Item Part name has changed. The equipment slot name and location will also change following this update.
Hair – Front → Head – Bottom
Hair – Side → Head – Top
14. Appropriate Difficulty (Player) Gap reward adjustment amount has decreased.
(Reward Adjustment affects AP, CP gain and drop rate)

Difficulty Gap Before After
0 100% 100%
-1 66% 90%
-2 44% 80%
-3 29% 70%
-4 19% 60%
-5 13% 50%

Common, Karma, Mode Balance


1. Endurance increase effect through stat adjustment has decreased.
– The amount of Action Endurance adjusted when changing STR and WIS stat has decreased.
– The amount of Spell Endurance adjusted when changing INT and WIS stat has decreased.
Ex) Based on All Stat 5 as a standard, Great Sword Action Endurance will decrease by app. 15%.
(Gauntlet will stay the same, Bow Staff and Dual Sword will increase slightly)
Based on All Stat 5 as a standard, Staff Spell Endurance will decrease by app. 15%.
2. AGI will now affect Magic Defense.
– The amount of Magic Defense adjusted when changing INT and WIS stat has decreased.
– Now changing AGI stat will affect Magic Defense.

EX) Great Sword Longbow Staff Dual Sword Gauntlet
Before Change Phys Def. 61% 39% 28% 40% 60%
(All Stat = 5) Mag Def. 42% 33% 46% 28% 42%
After Change Phys Def. 61% 39% 28% 40% 60%
(All Stat = 5) Mag Def. 43% 37% 40% 34% 47%
After Change Phys Def. 65% 42% 29% 43% 65%
(AGI = 6) Mag Def. 47% 41% 42% 37% 52%
After Change Phys Def. 68% 45% 32% 45% 68%
(AGI, WIS = 6) Mag Def. 51% 44% 45% 40% 55%


3. You will no longer be able to equip the same type, different level Karma Crystals on the same weapon. (Sub Karma is not related to this update.)
4. The bug where you can cancel delay by disabling Priority Target Direction from Game Options and entering dash has been fixed.
– This bug was fixed because the players could have an unfair advantage over other players in PvP by exploiting the bug.
5. Switching Combo attack will not use any resources.
– We hope to see more combo variation by removing the resource cost.

[Sword Taliah]

1. Entering the jump key after Evade Attack will no longer cancel the Evade Attack.
2. Great Sword hit box range and priority has been decreased while attacking midair.
Sword Taliah will no longer able to disrupt the target that is obtaining the flag from beneath the bridge.
Capture the Flag Bridge and Cave ground had become thicker, allowing less room for jump attack.

[Dance of Wind]

1. During Charge (Right-click hold), you will not be able to use other skills except Salvo Arrows and Spirit Arrow.
Dance of Wind will no longer be able to use skills during Right-click hold charge like other weapons.
2. Spirit Arrow and Salvo Arrows icons will no longer activate when there isn’t enough Mana.

[Diabolic Witch]

1. Ice Wall: If you successfully hit your target with a Lv 2, Lv 3 Ice Wall, you will be able to push back your target.
Fixed an issue where the Ice Wall changes didn’t allow combo follow up after the cast.
The target will fall near the Ice wall allowing you to continue your combo with a dash attack.

[Blazing Fist]

1. Entering the jump key after Evade Attack will no longer cancel the Evade Attack.
2. Reckless Charge: If you end up in midair, while you have your target on hold and running, you will immediately throw your target.
3. Passive skill, ‘Fortitude’ will only be activated when the HP is 10% or lower. Once the HP is recovered, the buff will reset.

[Dual Soul]

1. Passive skill, ‘Persistent Chase’ will only be activated when the HP is 10% or lower. Once the HP is recovered, the buff will reset.
2. During Evade attack Moon Slash, your endurance will be decreased by 50%, making it easier for you to flinch or be interrupted during the skill animation. (This change will not affect Right Mouse Hold Moon Slash.)
– Since it’s easy to use and too useful as a dodge skill, this change was made to prevent skill spamming.

Shop Update

1. The information on the 08/07 new items will be revealed at a later date.


1. Probatio Pre-Season PvP rank rewards will be distributed.
[Pre-Season PvP Rank Rewards Announcement]
2. Blazing Summer Login Event rewards will be distributed.
[Blazing Summer Login Event Announcement]

Bug Fix

1. The players who stored their Dual Soul Karma Crystals in their steam inventory and had the skill levels reset before the 07/31 bug fix will receive their compensation.
– Compensation: “AP +100% Boost (5 Hours)”
2. Fixed a bug when a player dies while being dragged by Reckless Charge, the resurrect timer would be longer.
3. Fixed a bug where the enemy caught by Reckless Charge would float in the air or be stuck on the ground.
4. Fixed an error where Blazing Fist could jump an abnormal distance by using Evade > LMB → Space x 2.
5. Fixed an issue where Lightning Skill would not damage depending on its rank.

  • Rank 1 – Was only hitting the 1st hit.
  • Rank 2 – Was only hitting the 3rd hit.
  • Rank 3 – All hits were working normally.
6. Fixed an error where Rage skills (Mostly Meteor) were indicating a certain area before cast and landing on a different area after cast.
7. Fixed an error where you were being pushed to the dash direction when you Dual Soul > Switch to Different Karma > Switch Back to Dual Soul and Dash.
8. Fixed an error where you can cancel the animation of being attacked when you switch your Karma.
9. Fixed an error where attack wouldn’t occur if you Attack > Wait > Attack Again but would still consume the stamina.
10. Fixed an issue where certain body types weren’t being resurrected.
11. Fixed an issue where custom mission spectators weren’t able to see the Flag Capture stats in the result screen.
12. Fixed an issue where the effect and sound weren’t properly working when you switched your Karma in the Game Menu (R).
13. Fixed an issue where Karma Equip sound effect would play when you equip emotes or gears in the info screen.
14. Fixed an issue where players were able to target an enemy while dead and cast a skill from an abnormal distance.
15. Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to see your character’s model in the Game Menu (R) after talking with an NPC in Eltheca.
16. Fixed an issue where pressing Ctrl + Enter would make the Emote UI disappear.
17. Fixed an issue where you were able to float in the air using the Ice Wall skill at a certain location in the Cave map.
18. Fixed an issue where equipping Silver Wing Knights Undergarment and certain Bottom Piece (Official Chaser Bottom Piece, Ethan’s Tunic Bottom Piece) would make the wait area look empty.
19. Fixed an issue where using a Controller, your character would constantly try to dash even though no input was made.
20. Fixed an issue where Lire’s Shoes weren’t integrating properly with certain costumes (Jin’s Fighter Bottom Piece, Kien’s Bottom Piece, Jin’s Rookie Fighter Bottom Piece, Gothic Punk Shorts, Silver Wing Knights Bottom Piece, Guardian Yaksha Outfit, and Infiltrator Combat Suit).
21. Fixed an issue where the hand wasn’t placed properly on the hilt of the Cake Great Sword.
22. Fixed an issue where neckties weren’t displaying properly depending on the character’s maturity.

Further changes may be made due to development complications. Should alterations to the above be made, players will be notified.