DLC Bug Abuse Restriction

Hello Chasers,

On July 19th 15:00 (UTC+0), we have taken corrective action against 8 players that were found to be using a 3rd party hacking program to purchase DLC packages illegitimately.

We have deleted all the items that were acquired through the hack tool, and all accounts found to be in violation have been permanently banned.

We are constantly checking for any use of hack use, and we strongly encourage everyone to avoid using hacking tools of any kind, for any reason.

In addition, we take bug abuse (exploitation) very seriously. And going forward, any cases of bug abuse will result in account action. We will also offer generous rewards for those who first report any exploitable bugs.

In the future, if you run into any game breaking or critical bugs, please reported via the in-game reporting system and also to our GMs in our Official Discord @ discord.gg/kurtzpel.

Thank you.