July 4th Emergency Maintenance Announcement

Hello Chasers!

In order to fix some critical issues and Karma balance affecting your gameplay, we will have an emergency maintenance.

Please take note, the emergency maintenance will be held from @ July 4th (UTC+0 07:00 ~ 08:00).

You will not be able to login or play during this maintenance. Please understand that the duration of the maintenance may be adjusted.

Here is the list of issues that will be fixed in the coming emergency maintenance:

Bug Fix

1. Dual Soul’s Aerial Attacks will no longer go through walls. The Wind Blades created from the air attack will disappear when it hits a wall.
2. Issue with Dual Soul’s ‘Massacre’ skill summoning too many Wind Orbs and lasting too long has been fixed.
3. Fixed an issue where equipping certain Gauntlets will make the player’s hand disappear.
4. Fixed an issue where ‘Apostle of Greed’ wasn’t landing properly and being moved to an unexpected spot.
5. Fixed an issue when you are inspecting another player in Eltheca, it would show the wrong ranking.
6. Fixed an issue when playing Dual Soul, the blur effect would last longer than expected.
7. Fixed an issue when you click on an empty spot in the Request Box, a pop-up would appear that asks if you are going to accept or decline.
8. Fixed an issue where it showed an NPC you have reached Affinity Lv.1 with wasn’t showing up properly in the Affinity Manager.
9. Fixed an issue where the Grand Chase difficulty of ‘Apostle of Greed’s Reappearance’ was giving the wrong reward, Calamity’s Cape. The reward will now properly give ‘Apostle of Greed Wing Ornament’.
– For players who received the Calamity’s Cape from ‘Apostle of Greed’s Reappearance’, we will be replacing the Calamity’s Cape with Apostle of Greed Wing Ornament.
10. Fixed an issue where Silver Wing Knights Undergarment was clipping through certain body types in the Rebirth screen.
11. Fixed an issue where certain new items weren’t being transferred to the Steam Inventory.
12. Fixed an issue where certain new items couldn’t be dyed.

Karma (Dual Soul) Balance

* Air Dash

1. Air Dash usage duration has been decreased after an aerial attack.
2. You cannot air dash after using 4 Aerial Attacks.
3. You can no longer adjust the distance of Air Dashes with Aerial Attacks.

* Massacre

1. When you hit an enemy with Massacre in the air, the enemy slowly fall towards the ground instead of staying suspended in the air.
2. Massacre’s duration is decreased.

  1. – Lv. 1 & 2: 15 sec. to 10 sec.
  2. – Lv.3: 20 sec. to 15 sec.
3. Massacre’s movement speed is decreased by 15%.

* Destiny’s Restraints

1. The final projectile attack will now shoot where you press your movement (WASD) key.

* Soul Blade

1. When Soul Blade is activated and Right-click skill is charging, the rate of Summoned Blade will increase. (0.1 sec. → 0.3 sec.)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Emergency Maintenance.

Thank you for your patience.