August 14th Weekly Maintenance Schedule & Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

The following patch note pertains to contents that will be updated during the (UTC+0 00:00 ~ 01:00) August 14th, 2019 Weekly Maintenance.

Maintenance will happen during the following times:

Standard Time UTC 2019-08-14 00:00 ~ 2019-08-14 01:00
AMERICA SERVER PDT 2019-08-13 17:00 ~ 2019-08-13 18:00
EUROPE SERVER CEST 2019-08-14 02:00 ~ 2019-08-14 03:00
ASIA SERVER JCT 2019-08-14 09:00 ~ 2019-08-14 10:00

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will update this announcement.)

Bug Fix

1. Brazil – Portuguese Translation Fix.
2. Russian Translation Fix.
3. Fixed an issue where muscle definition on abs weren’t properly showing on the last stage of customization.
4. Fixed an issue where water was splashing in the training ground even though there is no water.

Further changes may be made due to development complications. Should alterations to the above be made, players will be notified.