Global KurtzPel Costume Design Contest

Hello Chasers!

Ever had that design you just wanted to see in-game? Then this would be a perfect event for YOU!
We are calling on our talented Chasers to design a costume for you and all other Chasers!

Submission Period : 27th Aug. 2019 UTC+0 to 22nd Sept. 2019 23:59 UTC+0
Winner Announcement : Within 24th Sept. 2019 23:59 UTC+0
Entry Requirement
  Any and all currently active KurtzPel players around the world!
Entry Format
  Only assets of your own, personal design (Drawing, Illustration, Graphic, 3D, etc) will be permitted.
  There’s no set theme for your design. You may create whatever you wish.
  When designing your costume, you can choose either a male or a female.
  You must include full body shots of both the front and back of a character, and include Hair/Top Piece/Bottom Piece/Gloves/Shoes.
  Save the file in the following formats: JPEG/ JPG/ PNG/ GIF.
  We may request the original file of any winning designs. So, please make sure to keep the original file.
  1 Grand Prize : 3 Contest Costume DLC Codes and $200 Steam Gift Card.
  10 Honorable Mentions : 1 Contest Costume DLC Code.

You can also check for submissions from others players here!

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