Recent Issues Regarding Item Database Anomaly

Hello Chasers,

Due to an item database anomaly (bug) with the Steam Inventory, we had to conduct a server maintenance this evening 8/29/2019.

The anomaly was caused due to a rare, intermittent error that occur between a KurtzPel Character and the Steam Inventory Service.

We were able to confirm that though very rare, the error may have caused some Chasers to receive some duplicate items.

As of 11:00 8/29/2019 (UTC+0), we were able to resolve this issue via maintenance.

With the assistance of some noble and dedicated Chasers, we were able to resolve the issue quickly, and get all of you back into the game with little incident. Those that reported the issue to us were compensated for their time and effort.

This issue happened twice on 8/26/2019 UTC+0 and today. Any and all erroneous items that were created as a result of this error have been removed from the game.

Though this was a very weird bug/scenario, please be aware that any players found exploiting a situation like this will have correction action taken against their accounts, up to and including permanent account closure.

Currently some Chasers accounts are Steam market banned temporary which means they can’t transfer their item to steam inventory for investigation until it’s finished.

Even though this issue has been resolved, if for some reason you feel that a discrepancy has occurred due to the Steam Inventory transfer process error, please make sure to send in a Customer Support ticket, and we will conduct an in-depth investigation.

<Ticket Submission>

Thanks again to those who brought this issue to our attention. We sincerely appreciate all that our dedicated Chasers do for us.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble involved with this situation.