September 10th Emergency Maintenance Announcement

Hello Chasers!

In order to fix some critical issues, we will have an emergency maintenance.

Please take note, the emergency maintenance will be held on September 10th (UTC+0 06:30 ~ 07:00).

You will not be able to login or play during this maintenance.
Please understand that the duration of the maintenance may be adjusted.

Here is the list of issues that will be fixed in the coming emergency maintenance:

1. Hildad’s Earring will now show up properly.
2. Fixed an issue with camera bug after performing Chase action with Bow & Staff.
3. Battlesuit Outfit’s stats are now implemented properly.
4. Fixed an issue with Battlesuit Shoes’ appearance.
5. Fixed an issue with skills effects not showing up for skills like Fragment Strike.
6. Fixed an issue with Knight of Calamity Horns icon looking different from when it is equipped.
7. Fixed an issue with Guild Application’s Accept and Decline option showing up for normal members.
8. Fixed an issue with number indication for Guild Inbox not updating even when it is updated in the list.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Emergency Maintenance.

Thank you for your patience.