September 11th Emergency Maintenance Announcement

Hello Chasers!

In order to fix some critical issues, we will have an emergency maintenance.

Please take note, the emergency maintenance will be held on September 11th (UTC+0 08:00 ~ 08:30).

You will not be able to login or play during this maintenance.
Please understand that the duration of the maintenance may be adjusted.

Here is the list of issues that will be fixed in the coming emergency maintenance:

Common, Karma, Mode Balance

1. Damage Increase stats on Sub Karma Crystal and Unique Sub Karma Crystal have been adjusted
  Sub Karma Crystal “Damage Increase”: 6, 10, 16% → 6, 8, 10%.
Sub Karma Crystal “Damage Increase [Unique]”: 4, 7, 10% → 3, 4, 5%.
2. [Diabolic Witch]
  Special Combo, Charged Lightning max number of hits will be adjusted (Max 10 hits → 5 hits).
Damage before the lightning moves forward will be decreased by 50% (Damage while it’s moving will be the same).
3. [Appearance of Giant Demonic Beast]
  Garganta will be more aggressive in ‘Grand Chase’ difficulty.
4. [Blazing Blade of Calamity]
  4th Phase stats will be slightly increased. (Attack, HP, and Endurance).

Bug Fix

1. Sub Karma Crystals can no longer be stacked (Same Sub Karma Crystals will be removed from the slot).
2. The issue of certain skill effects not being fully visible to other players has been fixed (When the effect is not visible, but the damage is still taken).
3. Fixed the issue where materials lists sometimes overlap when using the Synthesis Menu too quickly.
4. ‘Win with X% or More Damage Contribution in Battle Mission’ challenge will now function normally.
5. Remove Endurance Stat when Sword Taliah, Blazing Fist, and Dance of Wind is being Chase Attacked.
  Fixed an issue where players were able to withstand attacks while under Chase Attack.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the Emergency Maintenance.

Thank you for your patience.