October 10th Balance Revamp Patch Notes


Attention, Chasers!

KurtzPel’s Biggest Balance Revamp Ever! Check it out!

Common, Karma, Mode Balance


1. Rage Break system will be added.
  You can use while in Rage. You can escape from attacks by using all your rage gauge.
2. Anti-Chase system will be added.
  If you are hit through Chase 3 times or more within a certain duration, you will be dropped immediately in invincible state.
  It will count chase attacks that happen in a short span (one attack) as 1 Chase attack.
3. Fixed hit box remaining sometimes after a loop state. (Blazing Fist’s LMB→ LMB→LMB→. →LMB~ etc.).
4. INT will affect max Mana less.
  In relation, at All Stat=5 basic Mana for Sword Taliah/Dance of Wind/Blazing Fist/Dual Soul will increase while basic Mana for Diabolic Witch will decrease.
  Detailed stats are as follows:
  Balanced Stat Example (All Stat = 5)
  Sword Taliah Dance of Wind Diabolic Witch Dual Soul Blazing Fist Sacred Guardian
Stamina Recovery per sec. (Reference) 19.99 13.74 11.25 15.00 17.50 12.50
Max Mana (Before) 200 225 425 200 200 350
Max Mana (After) 250 275 375 250 250 350

Changed Stat Example

  (Sword Taliah/ Dance of Wind/Blazing Fist/ Dual Soul = STR & AGI 6/ INT 3, Diabolic Witch / Sacred Guardian= STR & AGI 4/ INT & WIS 6)
Sword Taliah Dance of Wind Diabolic Witch Dual Soul Blazing Fist Sacred Guardian
Stamina Recovery per sec. (Reference) 22.99 15.25 11.49 16.99 19.99 13.00
Max Mana (Before) 160 185 510 160 160 420
Max Mana (After) 230 255 430 230 230 400


[Sword Taliah]

1. Overall, weapon range (not length, but width) has been slightly increased for a more stable combo.
2. Spin Attack (LMB→LMB→. →LMB~) is now easier to use (Start timing adjusted) and the enemy will be launched in the air at first hit.
  During a loop, target hit will be stunned longer for a more stable combo.
  Attack distance has been decreased to fit FX.
3. During RMB~, the time required to increase to max endurance has been decreased to 2/3.
4. You can continue the combo longer, as you can execute the basic 2 hit combo faster after Evade LMB preventing your target from Evading.
5. Storm Slash
  Attack Range is decreased. (-10%)
6. Fragment Strike
  No longer knockdown your target. Will stun for 1.5 sec. instead.
  Casting speed (duration from start to first hit) is decreased.
7. Stun Hit
  Endurance state is increased (+25%) and Endurance Break (+60%).
  Stun duration is increased to 2.4 sec. at Max level.
8. Land Demolisher
  Less likely to accidently activate additional attack after first hit due to button mashing.
9. Fortitude
  At Level 3, Damage and Endurance Break will decrease. (-50%, Like basic 1 hit combo)


[Dance of Wind]

1. Bow flinch duration during RMB+LMB~ is decreased. (-50%)
2. Now Evade→LMB will not knockdown enemy. Instead, it will slightly launch them in the air so you can continue the combo.
3. Siege Mode
  Preparation stance will hit nearby opponent and launch them in the air. As such, preparation stance will now have Mana cost and cooldown.
  Auto target range is increased to make it easier to use in a combo.
  Charging duration decreased to allow bigger damage in the same amount of time.
  Push back the target further upon hit, and projectile size and flinch increase.
  You can Evade cancel quicker after firing.
  You can transition to standby motion quicker after last hit.
4. Salvo Arrows
  Max arrows number increased. (3 → 5)
  You can transition to standby motion quicker after last hit.
5. Raining Arrows
  Max duration increased, as such, total damage is also increased.
  Damage will increase up to stage 3 depending on the duration. The higher the level, the faster you reach stage 3 damage.
  The combo is less stable, as the target flinch duration is decreased.


[Diabolic Witch]

1. Now all commands will be considered ‘Spells’
  As such, ‘INT’ and Accessories ‘casting speed’ effects will also affect commands.
  This also applies to the new Karma, ‘Sacred Guardian’.
2. Casting speed for Multi-Fireball combo in Midair + LMB→,→LMB~ is decreased. (this is connected to change #1 at standard stat = ALL 5, it will be the same as before.)
3. After midair combo, you can no longer use Meditation in the air when your ‘stamina<0’.
4. RMB+LMB~ fire ball size is increased.
5. Delay from ready stance to fire is decreased for Special Attack (RMB+LMB~Dash).
6. After RMB+LMB Hold Command Attacks, if you still hold RMB+LMB~, you can transition back to ready stance to use the Hold commands consecutively.
7. Among RMB+LMB Hold Command Attacks, lightning (RMB+LMB~Dash) will have a slow homing function for a short duration.
8. Among RMB+LMB Hold Command Attacks, Flame Wheel (back dash) damage is decreased. (-15%)
  When it disappears after max hit, it will explode. Total damage is the same when you include the explosion damage.
9. Lightning
  Stun duration is adjusted. (1,2 hits =1 sec., 3 hits=2 sec.)
  Interval between 2nd and 3rd attack is longer.
10. Black Hole
  After casting, even when the castor cancels the spell with Evade, you can hold the target for the duration of the skill. (It doesn’t explode, but it will hold the target in place.)
  Castor can Evade cancel quicker after explosion.
  The higher the level, the longer the target is held by the black hole, but the casting speed will remain the same. (It will not become faster based on ‘INT’ or ‘casting speed’). These changes have been made to focus and enhance on Black Hole’s crowd control function.
11. Mana Ray
  You can now change the up and down direction of the Mana Ray as well.
  You can enhance the ray effect to 3 even as a level 1,2 skill. There will be a difference in the amount of time it requires to reach to Stage 3 effect.
  Mana cost increased.
12. Demonic Awakening
  Now Endurance Break increased for all attacks upon cast. (2.5 times)
  Skill Cooldown decrease effect increased. (Level 1 =2 times, Level 2=3 times, Level 3=4 times)
  Casting Speed decrease effect will increase for skills with a casting bar. (Level 1=2 times, Level 2=2.5 times, Level 3=3 times)


[Blazing Fist]

1. During RMB~, the time required to increase to max endurance has been decreased to 2/3.
2. It is now less likely for the attack to hit random directions as the target range after Evade has increased.
3. You can no longer jump in certain areas while in RMB~ state.
4. Whirlwind
  You can no longer Evade.
  Max whirlwind duration decreased. (-1.5 sec)
  Whirlwind attack range increased.
  While it’s still short, the duration from cast to hit has slightly increased.
  Fixed error where grab doesn’t work upon hit at max range.
5. Reckless Charge
  Duration decreased.
  When charging towards the target, max strike range decreased.
  Fixed some of the cause of the error where the skill transitions to special state even upon hit instead of changing to grab.
6. Wild Flurry
  Low Kick that knockdown target, now has increased range.
7. Ultimate Heat
  It was redesigned to become an instant cast skill, instead of being a charging skill.
  Endurance and Endurance Break increased.
  It is now a 1 hit skill and will stun upon breaking Endurance.
  Stun duration is 2.5 sec. at max level.
8. Instant Chase
  Projectile range decreased. (-7%)
  Projectile speed increased. (+7%)
9. Devoted Awakening
  Moving Speed and Endurance increased. (+50%)
  While in Devoted Awakening state, activate chain lift attack immediately by entering dash, right after ‘Evade Attack’, ‘Grab Fail’ ‘Last attack of Basic Combo’ and ‘Basic Multi-Hit combo’.


[Dual Soul]

1. Improved situation where evade attack doesn’t work when pressing directional key with LMB, by increasing the transition time to moving immediately after Evade.
2. The height in which the target is launched with Evade attack is slightly increased. Afterwards, you can transition to a basic 2 hit combo faster.
3. Evade Moon Slash damage has overall decreased. (-50%)
4. Pre-input timing is improved and starting timing is decreased to using Moon Slash more smoothly with Dash after successful attack with Flash Cut with 1 Charging or more.
5. During RMB~, the time required to increase to max endurance has been decreased to 2/3.
6. No charge Flash Cut damage decreased. (-50%)
7. Midair attack stamina cost increased. (It will be at a similar rate to Dance of Wind)
8. Fixed where Moon Slash will occasionally fly abnormally high. The motion stopping after a certain duration when using Moon Slash from a high location has been fixed.
9. Height and distance of the target launched by the dash attack is decreased. Due to this, the interval in which you can input the Chase attack has also decreased.
10. Spinning Strike
  Hit range decreased.
  Stun duration increased. (Level 2=2 sec., Level 3=2.4 sec.)
11. Critical Slash
  Hit range decreased.
  2nd moving hit will no longer launch or knockdown.
12. Destiny’s Restraints
  Combo is now more stable as the initial hit will not always continue to the later attacks, or when the later attacks hit, it will hit until the end of the skill.


[Sacred Guardian]

Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback for our October 5th 3rd Eltheca Proving Ground.
Your feedback will be implemented for the October 10th Update.

Just to discuss a few, we will be removing the stun function from the basic combo and tweaking the damage and hit box of Command and Skills, as well as decreasing the heal amount.

Find out more on the Sacred Guardian Karma on the Live Server on October 10th, 2019!

Further changes may be made due to development complications. Should alterations to the above be made, players will be notified.