January 15th 2020 Weekly Maintenance Schedule & Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

Please check this week’s maintenance schedule below.

The following patch note pertains to contents that will be updated during the (UTC+0) January 15th, 2020 Weekly Maintenance.

Maintenance will happen during the following times:

Standard Time UTC 2020-1-14 22:00 ~ 2020-1-15 03:00
AMERICA SERVER PST 2020-1-14 14:00 ~ 2020-1-14 19:00
EUROPE SERVER CET 2020-1-14 23:00 ~ 2020-1-15 04:00
ASIA SERVER JST 2020-1-15 07:00 ~ 2020-1-15 12:00

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will update this announcement.)

Due to the amount of changes being implemented in to the game, our maintenance will start earlier than usual and last for 5 hours.

1. New Karma (Fallen Light)
  Name: Fallen Light
Weapon: Elemental Buster
Type: Long-Range Magic Slayer
Unlike previous long-range Karmas, Fallen Light’s basic attacks does not have auto aim assistance. Whether or not your basic attack lands on your opponent will solely depend on your aim.
Fallen Light also utilizes a new resource called "Magic Bullet" and this resource can be used to enhance your skills or deliver a stronger attack.
2. New 5 vs 5 PVP
  New 5 vs 5 Maps will be added to enjoy PVP with more Chasers at once.
In order to accommodate the large-scale battle, the 5 vs 5 maps will be bigger and Conquest Mode map will have 2 Capture Points. There will be a total of 2 Deathmatch and 1 Conquest Maps for 5 vs 5.
3. PVP Season 2
  In order to make PVP more enjoyable with Season 2, we’ve made some changes.
We wanted to test various skills of Chasers and reflect that on their PVP rank. Not just their ability to defeat enemies but also strategies and teamwork. To implement this change, Chasers will now be matched to a random mode. However, once Chasers are matched to a mode, they will have the option to change their Karma & skills before the match starts.
In Season 1, many Chasers decided not to play after reaching a certain rank in fear of ranking down at the end of the Season. In order to encourage players to continue and climb their ranks, we are rewarding the Season end reward based on the highest reached by the Chaser during the Season. Also, to commemorate the higher ranked achieved by Chasers, we are improving the visuals of the Symbol of A, S and G Rank.
  PVP Mission
Duel Mission is a 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 PVP mission that doesn’t have any rank downs and can be used to safely reach A3 rank. Challenge Mission is the classic 2 vs 2 PVP mission that allows Chasers to rank up past A3 and this mode will have rank downs.
  Rank & Rating
Increasing your Rank is fun but at the same time, it could be stressful due to ranking down and losing. In order to relieve some of that stress and have many people enjoy ranking up, we are going to change some things. First, we will make ranks up to A3 achievable by anyone as long as they keep playing. Also, we are reducing the number of stages required per rank to rank up from 5 to 3 in order to make the Promo match occur much faster.
4. Season Pass System
  We are now adding a Season Pass system on top of the existing Season Challenge system. When the Season Pass is activated, players will acquire additional rewards for increasing their Season Levels. The Season Pass will provide rewards that are worth much more than the price of activating the Season Pass.
5. CP Shop
  A new CP Shop run by Crim inside Eltheca will be added. Chasers will be able to purchase various items using the CP shop.
6. KP Shop
  New In-Game KP Shop has been added. KP is a premium currency that can be acquired by using the Steam Wallet and players will be able to purchase the previous DLC products using the in-game UI with ease.
Chasers will also be able to try out the items before purchasing inside the KP shop.
7. New Growth System
  Max level of Karmas will be increased and Karmas will now level up in a different way. Each time you level up your Karma, skills locked behind a certain Karma level will be unlocked. Once the skills are unlocked, players will be able to learn those skills using set currencies. Once a Karma reaches a set level, players will be able to apply additional stats to it.
8. Mail System
  Rewards from various content and events will be now be distributed through the in-game mail system. Players will now be able to check their mailbox inside Eltheca. Mail inside the mailbox will stay inside until a set expiration date is reached and once claimed, the item will be moved to the Chaser’s inventory.
9. Gender Specific Items
  In order to create various item designs, we are separating the Genders of Items to Male & Female. Already existing items in the game will not be affected.
10. Karma Acquisition Method Change
  Karmas that were available to acquire through DLC will now be changed so that players can acquire it with 100 CP.
From this point on, everyone will be able to acquire all Karmas with ease.
11. Inventory Revamp
  From our previous system of using the Equipment Window and Steam Inventory, we are fully converting the Inventory to in-game UI. Chasers will now be able to check and equip items inside the new Inventory and also sell it for CP.
12. Extraction System Revamp
  Items acquired from Extraction will be changed. All previously acquired from Extraction will be changed to new items.

New Extraction Items

Category Extraction Result
Weapon Magic Stone (Weapon)
Outfit Magic Stone (Outfit)
Accessory Magic Stone (Accessory)
13. Synthesis Revamp
  Dyes, PVE Accessories and Supply Box contents will be removed from Synthesis. Instead, items that can be synthesized with Probatio Marks will be added. Previously acquired Synthesis items will be exchanged to new items.
  Exchanged Items
Item Name Exchange
Great Sword Essence Magic Stone (Weapon)
Longbow Essence Magic Stone (Weapon)
Gauntlet Essence Magic Stone (Weapon)
Staff Essence Magic Stone (Weapon)
Dual Sword Essence Magic Stone (Weapon)
Giant Hammer Essence Magic Stone (Weapon)
Outfit Essence Magic Stone (Outfit)
Accessory Essence Magic Stone (Accessory)
Emote Essence Magic Stone (Accessory)
Karma Essence 160 CP
14. Categories for Accessory and Outfit Change
  Outfit Category: Top, Bottom, Right Hand, Left Hand, Shoes and Undergarment
Accessory Category: Hair Top, Hair Bottom, Face, Top, Face Bottom, Neck, Back and Belt
15. Item Option Change System
  Sub Stats from existing Accessories will be removed. Instead, players will be able to change the stat options of Karma, Weapon, Outfit, and Accessories by using Magic Stones or Radiant Magic Stones. Chasers will now be able to customize their characters even more with more option stats to add to different items.
Existing Weapon and Outfit will have their stats changed to the highest upgrade and Sub Stats from Accessories will be changed to the highest possible option stat for the new system. Lastly, weapon’s karma and sub karma slots will be unlocked to full.
16. Basic Stat Change & Removal
  Previously, it was difficult to pinpoint bugs and balance based on Stat changes. In order to remedy this, we are removing the basic stat change system. Basic Stat change system that was available through Rebirth & Tome of Knowledge will be removed and every Chaser will now be fixed to 5/5/5/5/5 stats.
17. Affinity System Removed
  Previous Affinity system where it allowed Chasers to track and raise affinity with an NPC for rewards has been removed. Players who were still trying to acquire the reward for certain NPC affinity will be given all rewards for it as long as they have the corresponding Karma already unlocked. However, this does not apply to Crim & Ensher.
18. PVE Revamp

PVE will be separated in to 3 different modes.
Difficulty setting per mission will be removed and each new mode will have a Karma Lv. restriction. Also, new modes will only allow manual resurrection.

Patrol: You and 2 other allies will fight a random humanoid monster
Annihilation: You and 3 other allies will fight multiple random monsters
Raid: You and 5 other allies will fight a designated boss monster.

19. Eltheca Visual Revamp
  Eltheca has gone through some changes and acquired a new look!



Further changes may be made due to development complications. Should alterations to the above be made, players will be notified.