January 22nd 2020 Weekly Maintenance Schedule & Patch Notes

Attention, Chasers!

Please check this week’s maintenance schedule below.

The following patch note pertains to contents that will be updated during the (UTC+0) January 22nd, 2020 Weekly Maintenance.

Maintenance will happen during the following times:

Standard Time UTC 2020-1-22 00:00 ~ 2020-1-22 01:00
AMERICA SERVER PST 2020-1-21 16:00 ~ 2020-1-21 17:00
EUROPE SERVER CET 2020-1-22 01:00 ~ 2020-1-22 02:00
ASIA SERVER JST 2020-1-22 09:00 ~ 2020-1-22 10:00

(*Above time periods are subject to change. In case of schedule change, we will update this announcement.)



1. Lunar New Year Burning Event
  • a. AP & CP Boost +30%
    • i. Weekday
      • UTC+0 2020-01-22 After Maintenance – 2020-01-24 23:59
      • UTC+0 2020-01-27 00:00 – 2020-01-28 23:59
  • b. AP & CP Boost +50%
    • i. Weekend
      • UTC+0 2020-01-25 00:00 – 2020-01-26 23:59
2. Make a Wish!
  • a. Event Duration: UTC+0 2020-01-22 After Maintenance – 2020-01-28 23:59
  • b. All Chasers who login during the event period will receive “Release Sky Lantern” emote


1. DP Gain increased from PVP 5 vs 5 (20 DP)
2. Daily Quest for Magic Stone added for PVP & PVE
  • – PVP: Magic Stone x 3 Per Day
  • – PVE Raid: Magic Stone x 3 Per Day
3. You can now chat with your teammates in PVP



Sword Taliah
  • Spin Attack Endurance, Break Damage, and Damage Decreased
  • Stun Hit Endurance Decreased
  • Fragment Strike Endurance Decreased
Dance of Wind
  • Multi-Shot & Aerial Multi-Shot Endurance Decreased
  • Great Spirit’s Ascent can now be aimed in ready stance
Blazing Fist
  • Ultimate Heat stun duration increased in order to provide enough time to do a follow-up attack
  • Ultimate Heat Hit Box has been improved
  • Multi Jab Endurance Decreased
Diabolic Witch
  • Multi-Fireball and Aerial Multi-Fireball Endurance Decreased
Sacred Guardian
  • You can no longer evade during Crusade
  • You can no longer change directions with evade during Crusade
  • Chain Swing Endurance Decreased
  • Spinning Charge Attack Break & Damage Increased
  • Gigantic Swing Endurance Decreased
  • Hit Box Count while holding RMB will be removed
Elemental Buster
  • Lightning Shot Ready Stance Endurance Decreased
  • Rapid Shot Endurance Decreased
  • Ice Trap Activation Time Increased (Takes longer to activate)
  • Ice Trap Freeze Duration Decreased
  • Ice Trap Skill Radius Decreased
  • RMB attacks will now cost mana


Bug Fix

1. Fixed the error with Chasers not receiving rewards when purchasing the Season Pass while being higher than Season Level 1. (All missing rewards will be sent after the maintenance)
2. Fixed the error with Radiant Magic Stone not being consumed when receiving the same option as before after rerolling
3. When KP is being loaded up with In-Game Steam Overlay disabled, a system message will be shown


Further changes may be made due to development complications. Should alterations to the above be made, players will be notified.